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Why dogs feature a lot in my work!

Seeing as this is my first proper job blog post, and I’m actually very nervous about it, I thought I would talk about something that I find easy to talk about and that’s our dogs. Dogs are a big inspiration to some of my illustrations.

We currently have 13 dogs….

I’ve been brought up with lots of dogs.  My mum is a respected dog breeder and at one point had a boarding kennels so I spent a lot of my youth looking after numerous dogs in a remote location with no transport.  (No, I didn’t enjoy it much!).  So, it’s the norm for me to be surrounded by lots of dogs. 

Guy (my boyfriend) has adapted quite well and he is now worse than me, he is good cop and I am bad cop.  I think if there was a pyramid of priorities in our house the dogs would be at the top. 

When Guy and I met he had 1 dog and I had 2, we then thought we would get a dog together and it just spiralled from there.  If we had wanted children it would be like the Waltons.

They restrict our life, we can’t go out together unless all the dogs come with us.  We have only ever had one holiday, 3 nights in Dartmoor back in 2007 when we only had 3 dogs. 

To exercise them we hire a field off the fantastic Woofing Wild.  Our dogs aren't socialised, their recall is rubbish and they are bunch of heathens when excited.  I might share a video of the car journey there one day....

Our house and car are a right state thanks to the dogs and our desire to not spend our time constantly cleaning.  Our vet bills can be massive and the amount we spend on food, beds and squeaky toys (that last a few minutes) is bonkers. 

BUT the love you receive from dogs is unconditional and they bring us immense joy as well as the occasional heartache.  Oh and no one made us have so many dogs!!

Dogs don’t care if you’re fat, they don’t judge you, they just love.  They don’t think you’re a failure, they don’t do things to hurt you intentionally or hold grudges.  They do utterly stupid things and don’t care if you laugh at them.  They are always pleased to see you, know when you need a cuddle and help calm you when your anxiety is high.

There are dog owners and there are dog lovers and we are most certainly the latter.

So, here they are…in no particular order……


I just love seeing everyone's dogs so please feel free to post your pics and stories.  

My favourite dog links:

Hootchie Mama - bandanas

Dicky Bags - so much nicer than swinging a bag on a walk

So that's probably waaaaay too long for a blog post but it's a starting point.



  • Hahahaha! I love your dog blog (dlog?)!! I also love your art – saw your stuff at the Arts & Crafts Exhibition in St Just when we were down on holiday. I bought a pic of the bearded mackerel fisherman for my dad’s 85th birthday because it looks like him – he lives in West Looe. We only have one dog, Griffy. We got her from a charity that rescues Greek dogs, only because the UK dog rescue charities make it so hard to rehome a dog if you have children (we have 2 boys 8 and 10) and if they don’t deem your domestic situation to be ‘perfect’. We have had her exactly one year and she came down to Cornwall on holiday with us – it was wonderful. She gets on well with our rehomed cat, Harry (who’s ginger, of coarse) and loves everybody (but not squirrels or foxes). Griffy is a proper old mixture, but mostly border terrier with a longer snout (more like a Jack Russell) and much bigger (border terrier on steroids). Anyway, I’m waffling! I’m hoping to order some more of your goodies for birthday and Christmas prezzies. Enjoy living in Cornwall – I’m well-jell!!

  • Hi there ,what a fab read your blog was . You certainly have your hands full with all those dogs , I have a 2 year old jack Russell who happens to be Terrys brother , he’s called scamp and I don’t think I could cope with any more than one lol , absolutely love your work and plan to visit your shop when the weather improves xx

  • Re my last comment: oops, sorry, that should have read ‘blog’

  • Loved reading your first blog! Made me literally LOL, especially the bit about recall ;-) I can relate! Had 3 dobermans, 1 with fab recall, the other 2 not so much. Still have 2 of them…. 1 good, 1 bad.
    I will have to come & visit your shop when I am home again.

    Venetia Kaseman
  • Love the blog- VERY you… which is just as it should be! Keep it up you lovely canine addict! Bea, Bella and Bettie send wags xxx

    amanda foster

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