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I’m going to upset a few of you and mention the C word….yep, Custard.

Usually I’m thinking about Custard in January, what with organising the Custard Fairs, but that has all gone by the by as there are no fairs for me this Custard.

NO FAIRS.  NO FAIRS ….. *head spins round like a certain possessed offspring*

This is mainly to do with THAT virus doing the rounds and all my usual fairs being cancelled.  Personally I agree and am thankful for those difficult choices made by organisers.  This is their income after all.

There are a small number of events happening, but for health reasons I feel I need to avoid them this year.

I think I have done fairs at Custard for at least 10 years, freezing marquees, sleepless nights making stock, exhaustion, copious amounts of mince pies and putting my tree up on Custard Eve just before midnight. 

Instead, this year, I hope that I will be a nuisance in my Post Office (don’t worry, I use Drop and Go so I don’t hold up the queues, still supports my local Post Office too instead of online prepaid labels…just sayin’…..).

So, I have no idea what will happen and yeah, I’m a little worried but there is nothing I can do but see how it goes.  I’ve had to learn a lot this year about letting go.

I am hoping my online sales will be good and all the current deals I do with the cards and coasters will still be available.  I have to think up some new Custard card designs but not sure how much time I will have, I mean it’s nearly October.  How did that happen?

I’m currently attending an online social media course with Digital Peninsula.  It’s brilliant and even better, is free.  Our tutor Sioban is engaging and so knowledgeable, we also have Paddy on hand to make all the information easy to access. 

It is a lot of information to absorb but it is going to be invaluable for moving forward on the digital platforms.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.

The past few months has given me the opportunity to increase my online presence but I’m a long way off being OUT THERE.

I’ve started selling on different platforms such as Etsy and Ebay and this has helped me improve my turnaround times so much.  I wasn’t great before *hands up* as I always had too many plates spinning.

I guess this blog post is just to say any support you can give this Custard, whether it is online or with stockists and their shops, will be greatly appreciated by so many small businesses and makers like myself.  Just a small purchase is so gratefully received.

Merry Custard one and all….


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