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Clay Club

I will start this blog post by saying that if you are easily offended then please stop reading right now and go outside and do something less boring instead.  I have put the offending material at the end of the blog.

One of the things I find very difficult to do is relax.  Both myself and my boyfriend Guy would be described as workaholics.  It’s not healthy and especially for someone like myself, who suffers from anxiety and depression.  But I’m an idiot.

A while ago my lovely friend Vanessa, of Magpie & Butterfly, posted up that she was starting drop in sessions for people to go along to at her studio and we could play with clay. 

I LOVE ceramics, I have many pieces from some very talented people.  So, I made the time and signed up.

I started going to Clay Club.  There are 2 rules at Clay Club, what is said at Clay Club stays at Clay Club (for very good reasons) and no glaze in the hole….oh and ensure the biscuit bowl is well stocked so that’s 3 rules.

There are 4 of us sat round a table with Vanessa there watching over us to make sure we don’t start eating the clay and help us with endless questions.  She is ace.  Engaging, full of ideas and has the best studio full of wonderous things. 

I knew one of the ladies, another lovely creative, one I had met briefly before through a mutual friend and another who I had heard of as had mutual friends.  We are all creative in different ways and have all been making very different things.

I have learnt that I’m not that good with clay, but I absolutely LOVE those 2.5 hours.

I have turned up feeling really low and within minutes those ladies have me laughing and cackling at…well I can’t tell you, that would be breaking the law of Clay Club. 

It is time out that I rarely get to indulge without any guilt at not working and I really feel the benefit of it.

I’ve made a dog and some plaques for my friends, I’ve discovered that I really have no idea how to do sgraffito.  I’ve lacked ideas and have been quite envious of what my fellow clay clubbers are making.

I am itching for next week though as I finally have an idea of what I would like to make, some soap dishes so I can use soap bars instead of liquid wash.

The message in this post.  Do make time for yourself to do something good for the soul, if I can find the time, anyone can.  You don’t have to be good at what you choose, you just have to enjoy it. 

Find some special people that make you proper job belly laugh and, if like me, enjoy concentrating on something with your tongue poking out.

The first thing I made was a doggie (obvs), I didn't like it so I smashed it flat and that has become of a bit of a running joke...I then made a slightly better one but I got glaze all over the place..

Then I started working on some plaques and this is where I completely misunderstood sgraffito and nearly gave myself finger blisters. Both of these plaques were made as gifts for friends.

Then I thought I would make one for myself.  Some Radiohead lyrics that are quite poignant for me.  Well I think the 'ffs lighten up' gods were watching as I was running out of space for 'you'.  We joked about just putting U like how the yoof speak but I couldn't bring myself to do it....but the glaze had other plans and it now looks like yuu which is even more ridiculous than U....*facepalm* 

And lastly, the best thing I have made so far at Clay Club.  I ummed and aahhed about whether I should share this as after all this is supposed to be my business and one should maintain a certain level of professionalism but Guy and I share a very childish sense of humour and I wanted to make him a are now at the point of no have been warned....I don't want anyone complaining.....











micro phallus, it's about 2cm high....


  • I LOVE the little dog to. Love reading your blog too. X

  • Fantastic ! We all need some silly humour in our lives ! Where do I find out about clay club !

    Becky lock
  • First of all I go to clay club on a Friday And I LOVE it!!! It’s no word of a lie my fav 3 hours of my week! But Listen up. “I WANT TO COME TO CLAY CLUB ON A WEDNESDAY!” 🙏🙈🙏🙈🤣🙏😂🙈🤣 PLEASE!

    Jacqueline Fitzharris
  • That’s brilliant, really made me smile!

  • Please can you make me one of those little dogs as a commission piece? I love it! xx

    Lesley Round

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